Thursday, March 16, 2017

Bubble Dress

I first made a Bubble Dress way back in January 2010. It's such a sweet pattern and while bubble hems aren't the usual these days, it still looks so cute on wee ones.

Looking through my stash, I happened to find a remnant of the fabric I initially made for that first bubble dress and made it again in the same size for a neighbours granddaughter. She is turning 1 this week.

Since I have learned to knit I made a little cardigan to go with the dress. I managed to use up all of this yarn and if you can spot that tiny bit on the right side of the photo, well, that's all that was left over. Talk about a nail biter casting off!

The cardigan pattern is called In Threes and it's my default pattern ... as in I can knit fairly well.

So here's the ensemble. Dress and cardigan.

Both are size 12-18mos. I recall that this same Bubble Dress fit Caitlin when she was 13 months and she was average for her age so I'm presuming - hoping - it'll fit my neighbours granddaughter just fine.


  1. What a lovely gift! I am sure that the family will love it and you for making something so precious for their grandchild.

  2. someone is very lucky...this is just the cutest outfit! I love it.

  3. It's so cute. The cardigan is lovely too. I also love the Bubble Dress stern and wish it ran larger; I think it would still look great on my 6 and 7-year-olds!

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