Saturday, January 29, 2011

Jump Rope Dress

I'm still having a love affair with Olver + S patterns.  I wish these patterns were around when my 3 children were little nippers.  Thankfully, I have one grandchild, and a girl at that,  for whom I can make little outfits using these patterns.

Oh, and the good news is there is another one in the oven due in August.  Woot! Two grandbabies to sew for!

Back in the fall, my daughter came with me to a fabric store.  She has never been in a fabric store before and not only did she pick out fabric but she paid for it too.  Milestones were cetainly made that day.  So there's hope that one day she might be able to actually thread a needle!!

She didn't specify any particular pattern but has liked the Oliver + S patterns I've made in the past.  I'm quite sure she'll like this one.

Jump Rope Dress Size 2T

These patterns, as I've said before, are straightforward and easy to follow. For someone who might be new to sewing or have rusty sewing skills each pattern is somewhat of a lesson.  And the best part is they are size accurate.

If I had a dollar for every McCalls, Butterick or Simplicity pattern I've made over the years that just didn't turn out, I'd be rich!  Well, maybe not filthy rich. I  just wouldn't have wasted money on a project that flopped.

The O+S pattern styles are current, interesting and no matter the fabric chosen, they always turn out just great.

Like every project, there is always a hindsight factor.  And that's good because I can note it here and refer to it the next time I make the pattern.

Maybe the placket should be same as main fabric?

So the note to myself is: match the buttonhole thread to either the placket or button colour and measure the buttons using from the stash prior to making the buttonholes!  What was I thinking?  Apparently, I simply wasn't thinking. 

I shouldn't have matched the buttonhole thread with the top stitching thread.

I'm happy with the outcome and can hardly wait to see it on Caitlin.  My daughter never ever reads this blog so it'll be a surprise for her to see the fabric she picked out, made up.


  1. Great fabric for a great dress! love it!

  2. Cute, cute! I really like your pockets better than the ones featured on the pattern. You've made me want to go out and buy up all of the Oliver + S patterns. I've admired them but have never tried one. Which one has been your favorite so far?

  3. Emily: It's difficult to pick a favourite. I've really enjoyed making all of them so far, and really pleased with the results. You've got to try one!!!

  4. Perfect dress for jumping rope and other play! Your daughter and granddaughter will love it.