Wednesday, January 12, 2011

School Photo Dress

I must have been expecting to make a wardrobe for the Von Trapp family because I have meters and meters of this pink and white check fabric.

Son-in-law said he liked it, so I made this School Photo Dress from Oliver + S for Caitlin.  It's size 2.  It didn't use much fabric.  So I still have meters and meters of the fabric left! 

Fabric is synthetic something-or-other from the 80's.

I'm sure I had dresses in a similar style to this when I was in High School back in the late 60's. I found this pattern on Google images.  It looks like what I used to wear in High School and must have been the inspiration for the School Photo Dress.

We weren't allowed to wear pants in High School.

While I was making the dress, which by the way was easy as pie, I was thinking about Jackie Kennedy dresses and buttons that adorned her outfits back in the 60's.  So I dug out these vintage buttons from my stash.  These buttons were on a housecoat I had in the early 60's.

I'm thinking all this outfit needs is a Pill Box hat and white gloves.  Oh, and a sensible purse too!


  1. this is just too precious!!! I must make this pattern!!!

  2. The buttons are the perfect touch! Sweet dress.

  3. Love the dress! Have always been head over heels for Jackie's style! Funny little story: last year as I was trying to describe to the (quite young) hair-dresser to cut my daughter's hair like "Caroline Kennedy when she was a little girl." Blank stare. "You know . . . Caroline Kennedy. JFK's daughter." Blank stare and question mark. So I proceeded to try to explain to her (and her coworkers) both the haircut and Caroline Kennedy. Blank stares. After feeling foolish and frustrated, I've since learned to describe the haircut as a "bob, textured in the back."

  4. I am in love with your blog. I stumbled across it when searching for the 'playdate' dress pattern.

    Your customizations are lovely!!