Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Warning: bad photo

This outfit looks a lot better in real life than in this photo.  It's raining outside (and it's now nightfall) so this washed out  photo will have to do.

I used more of my Von Trapp fabric.  The same fabric I used for the School Photo Dress.  And I still have at least 3 meters left!

Because I had to wash it in order for the grandbaby to wear this 100% unknown fiber content outfit, the sizing that made it look smartly pressed has made it's way to our septic bed.  I've tried ironing it, but it just isn't the same as it was pre-washed.  Oh well.

I could spray it with sizing, but that defeats the purpose of washing it for baby's tender skin.

Oliver + S. Sundy Brunch. Size 2

 When I make this pattern again, I will use a more crisp fabric.  Or at least a fabric that looks crisp.  This fabric was just too limp plus it frayed like crazy.  It doesn't iron well either.  Tomorrow is garbage day, so perhaps the remaining 3 meters needs to be retired to the town dump!

Overall, I'll treat this like a muslin test run. The pattern itself was easy and straightforward.  I cut fabric and constructed the whole outfit in about 4 hours. I think the cockeyed hem gives that hasty assembly job away.
Actually, I was watching TV while I was making the skirt and I wasn't paying full attention when it came to the hem.

There are some more Oliver + S patterns I'm itching to try out but my daughter wants a smocked dress made post haste. 

Off to load up the pleater with needles...........


  1. So Retro and fun for any little girl! I love seeing this come back girls need to look like girls! Cute as a covered button!

  2. lucky daughter and very lucky granddaughter!!!!