Monday, January 31, 2011

Playdate dress pattern.

Apparently, this pattern is out of print, but I found one in a fabric store in Toronto.  I've seen some on-line for sale.  At any rate, I've got a copy and was able to make this little dress.  I think it's just too cute.

A few months ago, my daughter was looking through my stash to select some fabric so I could make a smocked dress for her daughter.  She came across this fabric, but there was barely a meter.  Not enough to make anything smocked.   I'm hoping she'll be surprised when she see's it made up using this sweet little pattern.

Colour seems a little washed out in the bright sunlight.

Playdate Dress. Oliver + S.   I made it up in  size 2T. 

Out of print. Too bad.

On the neck/bib area, the pattern called for flat bias trim.  Being old school, I was ready to make my own corded piping, but opted to try it flat; sans cord.  It was tricky to insert as is the case with bias piping, flat or not.

The pattern also called for a little bit of frill on the bib section.  Instead I went my old school way and put on a few lines of pin tucking ....corded pin tucking at that!  Besides, my daughter doesn't like frilly things, so I'm sure she'll appreciate the pin tucking accent.

I got bogged down somewhat with the pin tucking because on my Berninas, (1630 & 801) there is a hole in the throat plate to run cording for just such an application.  On my new Husquvarna (Quilt Desinger) there is no hole, so I had to improvise. There's no hole on my Husquvarna Iris, either.

My husband thinks a Husqvarna is a chainsaw.
 Technology.  When it changes, it throws me for a loop sometimes.  Just like my new camera.  I still can't seem to get a good angle or correct colour.

Bird's eye view from the suet feeder.
Well, the good news is I used up almost a meter or fabric, 3 buttons and learned something new about my sewing machine.

The bad news is it's the coldest day of the year, -30oC and my fingers froze taking these photos!


  1. That is an adorable dress. I love the fabric. The collar is so pretty. I love the pintucks rather than lace or ruffles. The flat bias trim looks really good.

  2. That is a precious pattern and your choice of fabric is perfect. Too bad they do not make this pattern... they should!

    Your daughter will love it and you are sure to get loads of kisses from your grand daughter.

  3. Oh, I love, love, love this one! Your modifications suit it perfectly!

  4. This is stunning. Great job.

    I am dying to find this pattern. I have been looking for it online but no luck. Unfortunately I live nowhere near any fabric stores and online is my only option.

    does the store you bought this pattern from have any more? Are you able to tell me what the store is called?


  5. I got my pattern at The Workroom, Queen St. W., Toronto. At you can log in and ask where to get this pattern and chances are someone will know of a store/on-line source who has a copy.
    Good luck!