Thursday, March 24, 2011

Another fitting trip.

Using the Children's Corner pattern Adelaide,  I made Caitlin a pretty little yellow check dress.  The fabric is a lightweight synthetic that is much like wool.

Posing for 1 nano second.

Here's a close up of the fabric while I was making the front knife pleats.

Knife pleats are easy!

The instructions for the pattern are vague.  They assume the person using the pattern knows how to sew well.  Fortunately, on the Children's Corner website, there is an instructional video to explain some of the techniques.  Go here for those instructions.


I wanted to use rabbit or chick buttons on the front but the colour buttons I had didn't work well with the fabric.  I also have white rabbit buttons but they have a shank and didn't sit well on the dress.

So I used 2 four hole buttons and made a little flower using a french knot and lazy daisy stitch in the button hole. 

A little blury.

Grandpa making her laugh.
On the piping for the collar and cuffs, I whip stitched 6 strands of floss matching the background fabric colour.  I used Tiger Tape to keep the stitches even.

Tiger tape. A stitchers best friend.

Caitlin wasn't keen to take off her stockings.  She wasn't keen on trying on the dress either, but acquiesced after much coaxing.  The dress is size 24months and it fits her perfectly, right now.  In another month or so, it'll be too tight.

Perfect dress for Easter.

The big hit was the Red Riding Hood Cape and the book.  Caitlin loved the book and asked me to read it over, and over and over while wearing her cape and holding on to the little basket.

Look! There's a little girl with a basket and red cape that looks just like me!

I thought for sure she might be frightened or become worried about the wolf.  In fact, she thought he was funny.  However, she was really concerned about the Woodsman who came in to Grandma's house to scare away the wolf.  I suppose it was his angry face and the axe he was holding that gave her rise for concern!


  1. I don't think it gets any more cuter than that! The dress is lovely but the cape with the hood up and basket in her hand...beautiful!

  2. Such a sweet dress! The cape and basket are precious. Looks like a wonderful and fun visit!

  3. G had this dress in a size 2 (she wears a 4 now). It was one of our favorites! I love your version.

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