Saturday, March 26, 2011

Bucket & Bubble

Today I made a Bubble Dress (from Oliver + S) and a Bucket Hat (Little Things to Sew book) and used up the remaining Amy Butler and a matching green polka dot fabric.  Oh, and a whole package of turquoise bias binding.

Used every scrap of these fabrics.

Because there wasn't a lot of this fabric, but enough to make a dress, I had to get creative cutting out the pieces.  The paisley pattern gets cut off at the top on the skirt portion as there just wasn't enough to jiggle the pattern piece any other way.  The bottom looks a little uneven, but that's just the bubble effect and it hasn't been washed yet.

Apparently, everything I make smells a little like fire.  No wonder.  We heat with wood and I usually do my hand stitching in front of the fireplace.  So this item will go through the washer and get ironed just before it leaves here.

Getting back to cutting, the bodice is also a off balance.  There just wasn't enough fabric to get the paisley pieces even.  Therefore to divert the eye, I made a big flower from bias binding, a yo-yo and a button.

Chances are, Caitlin will be wiggling and hopping around, therefore no will notice any of these details.

I stitched the bias binding into a tube shape and using a Fast Turn, slipped cording into the bias tube.  I cut them into 5 6" strips, looped them and stitched them together.

I used up all of the remaining green dot for the lining in the bodice.........

......and in the hem.

Lucy looking in.

Lastly, the hat is size small and the dress is 24 months.


  1. If you hadn't pointed out the "problems" with this dress, I never would have noticed them. Actually, I don't consider anything a problem. This is an adorable little dress and hat. What is a FAST TURN?

  2. I so not see anything wrong, I think its perfect and will look fab on her. Are you making a dent in your stash?

    I so wish I could get back my creative juices for sewing. I have not sewn in almost 3 years and it was once my hearts desire. I am looking at my stach to see what I can donate. Doubt I will want to sew again.

    I hope you have a good day and stay warm...brrrrr...when does your weather warm up?

  3. Oh that is soo pretty. I love the colours and the piping on it. It's a great pattern. I should get around to making one of their patterns but I keep procrastinating.

  4. Oh my! This is adorable! I love the hat to match.