Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Winners, Losers & Next Year.

We drove down to the city to see Caitlin and try on the little dresses I made.  We only had an hour because her nap time was looming and I also had to take my elderly mom to the doctor.

Here's the outcome.........

Mom and Caitlin loved the Jump Rope Dress.  I extended the front placket by 1 inch and that seemed to help getting the dress on and off.

How many moms does it take to dress one little girl?

I put little toy animals in the pockets, which was a hit as before.  Caitlin really likes pockets so I'll have to include them in every outfit I make.

The dress fit  perfectly.  It was size 2T.

Dollar store treasures.

 Her mom absolutely loved the Birthday Party Dress.  (Wait'll she has to iron it! tee-hee)  Caitlin wasn't too enthralled because there were no pockets.  Oh, and dig those crazy brown socks!

Now we come to the "Next Year" category.......

Mom loved the fabric for this Bodice Dress from Collars etc. She picked it out from my stash a year ago noting that she liked the colours.  However the dress is just too big.  I made size 1.

Mom loved the Puppet Show Dress, but it was also too big.  I made size 2T.  So it'll have to wait until next year to get used.
Where are the pockets?

This little dress is from Wendy Schoen and the pattern is called Jane.  It's size 1.  And it's too big. So off it goes to the closet for a year.

The beloved Bubble Dress in size 2T was too big as well.  Mom loved the fabric and she loves this style of dress. 

I plan to make it again in size 18-24months but I'll lengthen the bodice and make the skirt portion plain and not with the bubble hem or lining.

Lucy is searching for a cookie, Caitlin is searching for a pocket.

On to the losers.......

Mom did not like the Ice Cream Dress tunic top at all.  She doesn't like the neck.  The fabric was okay, but not the style.

Needless to say she didn't like the dress either.  It was also too big.  I made size 2T.

Caitlin is 22 months old.  She is in the lower percentile.  I don't get the percentile thing.  When my kids were growing they were categorized as big, like Aunt So-in-So, or short, like Uncle Ron or tiny, like Cousin John.  One thing I do know is, most size 2T won't fit her just yet.

So it's back to the sewing room, haul out the smaller size patterns, and get cracking.   I heard on the radio earlier today that the spring weather outlook for our area is for a cooler than normal spring, and arriving later than usual.  Stupid Groundhog, he got his forecast all wrong.  Anyway, it all means that I just got a few more weeks to spend indoors sewing before getting called outside to garden, paint and best of all, swim!


  1. I wouldn't put the dresses too far away. She may have a growing spurt and outgrow them before you get them back out. They are all precious. She is so very cute!

  2. Just yesterday, I was wishing for another fashion show! Really! I was going to mention the ones I liked the best, but when I counted 5, I thought what's the point?! Of course, my favorite one of all is the one out of print. :)

  3. Wow - Aunt V. and I thoroughly enjoyed seeing the outfits. You are so talented, and Caitlin is a peach! Joan

  4. I found that I didn't like the wide neck on the Ice Cream either. I made the 18-24M size for my (then) 2T wearing daughter, adding length to the hem. That was SO much better looking! This are great. And the ones for next year - that can still be worn now - bonus!

  5. These dresses are fantastic! You have the way to my heart!!!!
    I love the jump rope dress best and think I might just have to put that on my "to do" list. What a very lucky little girl.