Monday, January 28, 2013

I {heart} fabric

The theme for this week for Project Run & Play is Valentines Inspired Looks.

A few years ago I bought some pretty fabric called 'Blush' by Basic Grey for Moda with the intention to make a Feliz dress. I also made sure I had plenty of contrasting fabric to match for all the ruffles.

Well, that project didn't happen.

But when I read that one of this season's themes could use something with hearts on it, well, all of a sudden the fabric has a new use!

The pattern is Natalie by Childrens Corner.  Size 4.  Despite it being so snowy outside, this dress will be perfect for the summer.

I've made this pattern before and I just love how the back bodice folds back revealing a contrasting fabric.
Since I didn't have enough fabric for the main portion of the dress, I used the same contrasting fabric for the hem.

And I love the pockets too.  Big, deep pockets that a little girl could stash a whole lot of things in them.

I used another complementary fabric for the pocket flap lining.
Hmm, just noticed a few loose threads around the waist.

This pattern uses up a lot of stash fabric which is probably why I like it so much.

And yes there are deer in the background watching me take photos of this dress.

The pattern assumes the user has a fair bit of sewing experience. It's fairly straightforward but the illustrations are somewhat lacking. Overall, the pattern is fairly easy though.


  1. This is a really lovely dress Deb - I love the back.

  2.'ve done three challenges this season!!! Are you addicted yet?? We are tickled to see you 'getting in on the action!' Your contrasting fabric is a nice touch...

  3. Where are you, that you have so many deer?
    I love the fabric and color combo. I can tell that you really know what your doing, when it comes to sewing. It really shows in your work!
    Thanks for sharing.
    with love

  4. That's so funny because I did make the feliz dress for this challenge! My daughter loves it!

  5. Thanks everyone!

    Shaffer Sisters:
    We live in a wildlife protected area, hence such friendly deer.

  6. I {heart} your dress! Though I'm a little disappointed you abandoned the Feliz! ;)

  7. The dress is so pretty! I love the details on the back and the pockets.

  8. Love the fabric! The drress looks very pretty!

  9. This is really pretty...the fabric I love, too.

  10. That fabric is fabulous! The dress is so cute. And I just love the snow in the background :)

  11. The dress is charming and that pattern is wonderful. I made it once for my V-Rose when she was in the primary grades. It is a comfortable dress to wear, too. Your work is beautiful. I also love the snowy background and the deer but your lovely photos are as close as I want to get to that 'white stuff'!