Friday, March 15, 2013

Bubble Dress...again

The other day I read a comment from, I think it was Cindy, who mentioned that the Bubble Dress pattern only went to size 5 and she was going make one before her girls got any bigger.
(Edit update: Cindy say's it might have been Mel that made the comment.)

Well that prompted me to get the pattern out and have a look at it.  I didn't realize it stopped at size 5 .... and it's my all time favourite pattern by Oliver + S!

I traced out a size 4 and whipped it up in a little over an hour from cut to finish but not including the buttons and handwork. The piping was leftover from the Firefly Jacket I made in the week, also I omitted the elastic that makes the bubble part so no wonder it went together quickly.
Therefore without the elastic it's a deflated bubble dress.

For the hem, I cut the lining 1 1/2" (4cm) shorter than the main fabric skirt pieces, sewed them together at the bottom and then basted the top (waist) edge together creating a narrow folded up hem.

The only problem I have with this pattern is I cannot figure out the illustration on Page 3, 3rd column, step 2. I've made this dress many, many times but the illustration completely baffles me. I know how it's supposed to look at the back but I just can't figure it out using the drawing.

I think the Firefly Jacket I made the other day will look good with this dress.

If my daughter doesn't like the Firefly Jacket (she told me she didn't like it when I showed her the pattern on-line months ago) I am going to suggest folding the front down like a blazer lapel and put 2 buttonholes and buttons for closures.

Between now and next year I plan to make many Bubble Dresses and try and get a little more creative with them.
In many respects, I think the Geranium dress looks an awful lot like the Bubble dress, so I could copy the neckline using the template for the O+S Ice Cream dress neckline. And instead of gathers, I could do folds or pleats. Oh, and put in pockets too.

Meanwhile I have some patterns to trace out and lots more sewing to do. For some reason my stash seems to be growing larger and not getting busted.


  1. "For some reason my stash seems to be growing larger and not getting busted." That remark put a big, ol' smile on my face.:) But with all the lovely creations you've been sewing, I say don't worry about the growing instead of diminishing stash!

    The dress is so pretty! Makes me almost wish I did own the pattern and had sewn it up when the little girls still fit into a 5.;) Your folding the front of the firefly jacket down is now making me want that pattern too!lol

  2. Such a cute dress! I think that the 'stash' fabrics get together and multiply in the dark! I never seem to sew it down, either.

  3. These look so good them both. Like the skirt below, too that you show with the jacket.

  4. This is now my favorite version of the bubble dress. Nicest one I have seen!