Sunday, March 31, 2013

Collection Complete!

My collection of Oliver + S patterns is complete!

I can also say that as of today I have made at least one view or one item from all of the 37 patterns.  For example; I have made View A of the Fairy Tale Dress but not View B. I have made many Class Picnic tops, but not the shorts.
In addition to the purchased patterns, I have also made four of the free downloads: sundress, halter, skirt and hat.

I began collecting these patterns in 2009 and with the exception of three patterns that are only available in PDF format, all of my patterns are the original paper patterns and most are in both size categories.

Given my sewing time will be limited over the next month or so, during the past few days I have obsessed with getting through all the patterns. It's taken me almost 4 years to get to this point!

Here goes:

This pattern is called Forest Path Cape and is was a PDF download.  The fabric is a wool blend and for the lining I used Kasha which is a flannel backed satin.
Just before setting up the machine to make buttonholes I thought to myself that the cape might look good with bound buttonholes.
As soon as I can get to it, I will unpick the front section and make bound buttonholes. For this photo some grey buttons were pinned in place.
Size 5.

Next up is Sleepover Pajamas. They were quick to make. Next time around I will use a knit cuff for the pant leg. Fabric is flannel.  Size 2.

The third item I sewed this weekend was the Pinwheel Dress.  I had eyelet hanging around from an unfinished project from last summer and it called me to use it up. So I did.
I totally cheated and used store bought bias binding. I'm not happy with the way I sewed in place and should have taken more time.  I can still unpick it if someone notices.
The dress felt like it needed a little corsage so I found a shabby chic looking rose in my stash and pinned in place.
Size 5.

The fourth dress I sewed this weekend turned out to be somewhat fortuitous.
I ordered the Roller Skate Dress pattern however when it arrived during the week the pattern sheet wasn't the same size as indicated on the envelop. Ooops. A packaging error that can easily occur.
So I sent a note to O+S and they dispatched a new pattern right away. However it meant I would have to wait another week before completing the collection sewing-wise. At first I figured I could wait. Then by late this afternoon I was busting.  Must. Make. This. Dress. No. Matter. The. Size.
It took no time at all to sew together.  The fabric I used was Oxford cloth originally designed for a shirt. Not any more.
Size 4.

I truly enjoy making patterns from Oliver + S.  They are patterns that actually turn out like the illustrations and come with complete detailed, informative instructions. The styles are trendy and have interesting details. As far as I am concerned, O+S has raised the bar for sewing patterns and far outshine the 'Big 4'. In addition they have an excellent website for sewing support and community.

My next goal is to go back through my O+S pattern stash and make the Views I haven't made as well as the few items like the class picnic shorts, sundress bloomers, etc.

What a busy long weekend juggling family, dinners, sewing, maple syrup making ..... time for a glass of wine!


  1. You. Are. AMAZING!!! Congratulations on completing such a big task {and goal}....we're sooo far from accomplishing such a feat. Kudos to you!

  2. These are all gorgeous!! Your grandchildren are so lucky!

  3. Wow, you've been busy! They all are wonderful. Such lucky kids! I've never tried Oliver and S patterns before. Seeing all your lovely creations has convinced me that I must...does Fabricland have them or are they just available on-line?

  4. These are all so adorable...I really love seeing what you make. Lo is at the between stage...some size 3's fit her and sometimes it is 4's....

  5. Congrats on your accomplishment! You've made so many lovely creations!

  6. Congratulations on making them all! I'll be finishing a long way behind you as I'm keen to throw the complete Little Things To Sew book in for good measure!