Monday, March 18, 2013

Field Trip Cargo Pants

I really enjoyed making these pants.  I thought for sure they would be intricate, but no. Once again, easy peasy.
This isn't the most flattering photo of these pants. If the moon and stars line up, I'll try to get a photo of Adam wearing them.

I debated at length the colour of topstitching thread. Initially, I wanted to use orange. However I had some heavy duty Gutermann yellow and that ended the debate with myself.

I didn't use a twin needle, just a single size 16 jeans needle and that gave me better control when going around corners on the pockets.

The pocket flap lining is yellow Kona cotton and I just love the design of the pockets. I'll fill the pockets up with some little treasures.

The instructions for the front pocket it said that after a crease was made on the pocket piece, to topstitch the crease. Did that mean along the crease or pinch the crease and stitch through two layers.
I wasn't sure.
So I pinched the crease and stitched through the two layers. It looks okay to me.

I think I'll make the Explorer Vest from Little Things To Sew to go with these pants. I have just enough of the main fabric leftover. There's a sale at the "F" store starting Thursday so maybe I can find some bright yellow boyish fabric for the lining on the vest.

These pants are Size 2.
I like everything about this pattern and plan to make more. That will give me a good excuse to buy fabric suitable for these pants.... the kind of fabric I don't have much of in my stash.


  1. How cute are those pants? Great job. Love the pockets. It would look great as a denim pant. Hmmmmm, my next project? I have the book too but have only sewn the tulle skirts.

  2. super cute! I love contrast color topstitching and you did a fabulous job in keeping all those lines straight.:)

  3. I would have loved these as a kid...they are so cute.