Thursday, March 14, 2013

Firefly Jacket & Hula Hoop Skirt

These two patterns from Oliver + S are in pdf format only.  They were very easy to print and tape together so I could trace out the size I wanted.

The skirt has only 3 pattern pieces: two for the skirt and 1 for the waist.  The skirt is completely reversible and putting the pattern together was quick, easy and painless.  It's size 4.

The jacket pattern was also easy to print out and then tape the pages together. Except I ran out of scotch tape and wasn't about to drive a half hour in to town to get more. So I used double sided carpet tape. That was mistake because when I folded the finished product to put it away, it stuck to itself making it impossible not to reopen without ripping the paper. Argh.

The jacket was easy to put together; it's 2 pattern pieces so all was redeemed.   I used piping around the edge but in hindsight I should have used thicker cord.  Maybe bigger buttons too.

Jacket is size 5.

Instead of ribbon as suggested in the pattern for the back fold, I used a scrap of fabric used in the skirt.

The jacket is reversible which is helpful if the wearer drops ice cream down the front.

The vent in the back is reversed. In hindsight, I should have put something decorative on that section too.

Since the skirt and jacket are both reversible I flipped them both to see what it would look like with the fabrics I chose.

I prefer this side out.

Now I'm down to 2 remaining O+S patterns in my stash to make; Sleepover P.J.'s and Field Trip pants and shirt.
After that I have to purchase the 2 new patterns: Roller Skate and Pinwheel dresses and Forest Path Cape and then I have made all 37 the Oliver + S patterns!

Notes to self: use thicker cording in piping, larger buttons, perhaps leave off second flap on back of skirt.


  1. Another cute combo, Deb! I'm impressed with your track record regarding the O+S patterns. I need to back and see what's left on my pattern stash bust list.;)

  2. I have been tossing around the idea of buy Oliver & S patterns. I am mainly an Ottobre fan. But your creations are really pushing me toward getting a couple. Which are your favorite?

    ~Major Moma

  3. You have beaten me!
    I still have 5 to sew,are there really that many?

    Super cute Deb.

  4. Thanks Cindy.

    Without Directions: just about every O+S is a favourite!

    Nicole: my math says we have the same amount of patterns left to do. Until there is a sale, I won't be buying the last 3 on my list for some time.