Friday, June 7, 2013

Bubble Shorts: Part 3 of 4

I'm now totally obsessed with the Bubble Shorts pattern.
I go to bed at night thinking about it.
When I wake up in the morning, I think about it.
When I hang out the laundry, I think about it.
Even when I'm listening to the radio hoping my name will be drawn for tickets to see The Stones, I think about it.
Bubble Shorts, Bubble Shorts, Bubble Shorts. 24 hours a day.

The 'Flip This Pattern' has given me a new challenge!

Whenever I get stuck on a pattern or a technique or need an idea or maybe just some inspiration I refer to Oliver + S patterns.
I just love the  O+S Puppet Show shorts pattern which coincidentally looks somewhat like the Bubble Shorts.  So I dug out the pattern and looked it over and got an idea.

For the Bubble Shorts this time around, I used a light grey linen-look fabric that was lightweight but "heavy" on the polyester. They'll be a no-iron pair of shorts.

I decided to make the Bubble Shorts pocket look similar to the Puppet Show shorts using a solid band at the top of the pocket instead of elastic. It was constructed the same way as on the O+S pattern.

The pockets turned out just fine. Big and poofy!

For the cuff, I used a bias strip pattern piece similar to the one in the O+S pattern. It fit and worked perfectly.  However if the fabric was thicker, this technique may not work well at all. This fabric happens to be very thin.

This time around I added a full waistband with a facing as opposed to a waistband facing.

This "flipping" is just too much fun.....

.... I need to make at least one more pair of Bubble Shorts.

Part 4 of 4 tomorrow.


  1. Very nice, Deb! Why stop with 4 of 4???? The month is young!

  2. I can understand a sewing obsession... And those shorts are very cute and just about any girl would love to have a pair or dozen. ~ Major Moma

  3. I love the band at the top of the pockets as well as your fabric choice. I want a pair to wear myself!