Thursday, June 20, 2013

More rompers...

For the 3rd pair (set?) of rompers I used Burda 9491 using a pink chambray-ish fabric that's got a lot of poly in it so it may not need ironing when it comes out of the dryer.

I used yellow topstitching thread for the top half but ran out before I got to the bottom half.  Gah. Since the nearest fabric store is a 50 min drive away to the next town, I found some yellow cotton thread in my thread stash drawer that matched fairly close so I doubled it up and used it for the rest of the outfit.

Since I didn't have regular thread to match the pink fabric for the buttonholes, in the bucket of embroidery thread for the embroidery machine I found some pink that did match. I like how it turned out so in future, I may use embroidery thread for buttonholes!

However I do not have any yellow buttons. On the weekend we may go to the town that has a fabric store and I can get some then. Meanwhile, yellow pins will have to suffice.

Getting a good photo is such a challenge for me.  The dress form has such a harsh bottom that it distorts the bottom half of the rompers  .... plus the pole sticking up the leg!

Light is an issue too.
Too much, too little, shadows and so on, so I walked around the yard trying to find a good spot.
And someone came to assist.

This is Doris.  Doris Doe.
She has at least one baby from signs on her belly but she's hiding it (them?) in the woods and I haven't spotted her fawns yet. Pun intended.

So Doris, what do you think of my topstitching job on the pockets?

"Not so bad. Maybe you should try using a double needle next time."

How about the pintucks on the top half?

"Yep. Fairly straight.  You know, you could have dabbed some water on the buttonhole marks before you took this picture."

So overall what do you think?

"Hmmm, what do I think?  I think the Deer and Doe patterns everyone is raving about is misnamed.
A doe is a deer.  Heck, I ought to know!"

Everyone has an axe to grind, eh?

Meanwhile I am still trying to get a good photo.  This one has too much shadow.

Size 5.
Notes to self: 1)finish ends of bias strip before setting into sleeve.
                      2) trim away as much as possible inside the waistband.


  1. Delightful as always, Deb! And, my...Doris has an eye for details and fashion doesn't she?? Snickered on the blue pen remark!

  2. I really want to make one now!
    How do you find the sizing? I ask because one of my girls is nearly out of the range already and was wondering if it was a generous fit.

  3. Very cute romper! I love the yoke detail.

    When I take photos I like to take them 30-60min before sunset, that is when the shadows seem to be easily avoided. The closer to sunset the more you get the "sweet light", the warm glow. Sometimes though I end up waiting a few days to photograph until I am able to get the model and clean item:)

  4. I just purchased this pattern after seeing it made as a shirt in the O+S Flickr group.

  5. Beautifully made as usual, Deb! Love the pintucking. I'm working on the previous romper pattern you made. If all works out, I can see doing more too. They are so cute!

  6. It's so pretty! I love the pintucks on the bodice and the contrast of the yellow topstitching and pink fabric.:)

  7. Gorgeous!!! And how fun it must be to have that beautiful deer keep you company!
    Thanks for linking up!!!

  8. Wonderful job, Deb!

    You and I both need a place to photograph our sewing...I have the hardest time taking pictures of my quilts. I have a thing Roger built and can hang them inside, but I don't have a lot of flash equipment and with direct flash, it only shows the color and not the quilting.

    Outside, the wind is ALWAYS blowing, plus don't have a place to hang it where it hangs straight and where I can get the whole thing.

  9. Great romper and once you pointed out the slightly obscene looking "pole" in the crotch of the model I couldn't take my eyes off it! :0
    Daisy looks like she's finding plenty to eat!