Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Poppy Geranium

When I saw these dresses here, here, here here, and here made in beautiful Poppy Field fabric I thought, gee, I'd like to make a dress using the same fabric.
However my objective is to try and stay focused and use up my stash.

Well that plan was dashed last week when I just happened to pass by a quilt store with a SALE table out front. One of the bolts on the sale table was the very Poppy Field fabric by Michael Miller I so admired and it was only $5.00 per meter.
It doesn't take much to make me fall off the wagon.

I used the popular Geranium pattern from Made by Rae.
The view I made is very similar to the Oliver + S 'Bubble' dress and 'Roller Skate' dress in terms of the sleeve treatment.

The only change I made to the pattern was on the back skirt opening.
I added a small extension on one skirt back side so that both skirt backs pieces could butt right to the corners of the bodice back thus the centre back seams would lie side by side accommodating the overlap on the bodice back.
Normally, I would cut the back skirt on the fold and slash the top edge adding a placket.  But I didn't have enough fabric to do that.

From scraps of the orange poppy field background, I made piping and added it to the sleeve and neck edges.

I understand this pattern is going to be available in larger sizes.  Right now the Bubble dress and Geranium dress go to size 5.

I am pleased with the results but not sure how it will be received. No matter. I had $5 worth of fun making it.

Size 5.


  1. The dress is charming and I am sure it will be well-received. I love border prints and I couldn't have walked away from that fabric on sale, either!

  2. *CRASH* (the sound of you falling off the wagon)lol Sometimes we need to sew stuff that makes us happy...even if means purchasing some fabric! The dress is lovely!

  3. This is darling! And I love that fabric....

    I will work and work trying to use up scraps of fabric and yardage for my quilting...but almost every quilt I make, I end up buying yardage for some reason or other.

    I would be embarrassed to show my stash to anyone besides a quilter or maybe someone like you that sews.

  4. I cannot believe you got this fabric on sale! It's impossible to find now.