Saturday, June 8, 2013

Bubble Shorts: Part 4 of 4

Okay, so now I'm totally engrossed and obsessed with the Bubble Shorts pattern.

I told my husband to plan on making all the meals and look after the dog today. As a reward he could do whatever he wanted, just don't bother me because I'm sewing.
He happily agreed because he knew making a grilled cheese and throwing a ball for Lucy was easier than cutting the lawn -- something he doesn't like to do and it needs to be done.

Off I went to my space............. to Flip The Pattern.......once again.

I've got this pattern down to a science now in terms of the pieces for size 5/6.

Waistband: 14 1/2 (37 cm) X 2 or one long piece 29" (74 cm)
Cuff: 16" (41 cm) X 2
2 fronts, 2 backs and use the 4 side pieces as a template for the pocket (13.5 X 7 on the pattern) or whatever I dream up instead.

Armed with this vital information I made another pair of Bubble Shorts.  This time I chose a light blue 100% unknown fibers fabric. It looks like lightweight denim.

I made pocket as per the pattern instructions only I gathered the bottom edge and spread out the gathers evenly, pinned in place and then stitched down before adding to the rest of the pieces.

For the cuff; I turned under one edge 1/4" then with right sides together I stitched the cuff to the leg opening, pressed and then turned it up placing the 1/4" section neatly over the stitching line.
Then top stitched on the outside.

Like the grey linen shorts I made, I added a full waistband with a facing.
I cut one long waistband piece (29") and one long facing piece (29") in contrasting orange fabric.
Stitching them together I also turned under and pressed the facing edge by 3/8". Then I stitched the ends together. (I think I used a 1/2 seam allowance.)
With right sides together, I stitched the waistband to the top edge of the shorts, flipped over the facing so that the 3/8" pressed edge lay over top the stitching line. Then top stitched on the outside leaving a space to insert the elastic.

For topstitching, I doubled up the thread as opposed to using topstitching thread.  I tried to create a flat felled seam effect.  I guess it's more like a faux felled seam. Oh, and made a faux fly too.

(I just noticed I'm missing one stitch on the bottom of the faux fly. I'll fix that right away.)

They turned out just great and I am very happy with the results.

Here's the backside.

I just love this pattern and enjoyed "flipping" it.

(I think I need to clean the camera lens. Things are looking fuzzy. Maybe I need to get new glasses too because when I looked through the eyepiece, it looked perfectly fine to me!)

Now that I have 4 cute little pairs of shorts on the line, I need to make some tops to go with them! to the sewing room..........


  1. And what a fantastic lineup of shorts!! Looks like someone is set for summer with this lineup.....Can't wait to see those tops you'll be adding to them in the upcoming weeks :).

  2. So cute!
    I can't believe the change in your back drop.

  3. Another great pair! The " felled" seams look cool.