Thursday, July 11, 2013

Roller Skate Arrr!

Every Sunday a bunch of Pirates ply our lake in their mighty ship looking for other cottagers  Pirates to fire upon with air cannons and water pistols.

On board and on shore, everyone is dressed as a Pirate and saying "arrrr" a lot.
Some of the cottagers, along with their weekend guests, put on a skit for the passing ship full of Pirates.
It's a whole lot of fun and everyone has a good time acting silly.

Last year I made Caitlin a Pirate costume when she went on one of Pirate cruises however she has since outgrown most of the outfit (skirt and top) except for the vest.

Today I made her a new outfit and used the Roller Skate dress pattern.

I scalloped the hem using the template from the O+S Badminton skirt.

It's really hot and humid here right now so instead of lining the dress, I made the bodice lining longer and used that portion for the elastic casing.
I used black piping on the sleeves but simply topstitched the neck edge.

Caitlin is happy with her new Pirate costume.  She is already sporting several Pirate tattoos at the moment.

And bonus ... I can add this Roller Skate Pirate costume to Flip This Pattern!


  1. Love this version Deb
    Fab idea re the lining and the hem looks lovely

  2. What a lovely pirate dress!
    Great flip :-)

  3. Arrr! She's a lovely lassie in her dashing pirate dress.:)

  4. oh, my, she is just too cute and her outfit is perfect! (Those faces remind me of Lorelei!)

  5. I can't believe it is that time of year again....what a fun activity for the family! So glad you could creatively get another Roller Skate Flip submitted :)!

  6. It looks so very cute with the scallop hem, love it!