Thursday, July 4, 2013

Roller Skate Hannah

Yesterday I made a Hannah dress using raspberry pink linen. I was pleased with the outcome.

Last night after dinner as I was about to tidy up my sewing space, pattern pieces for both the Hannah dress and Roller Skate dress (made the previous day) lay beckoning me on the card table cutting table.
So I thought, "hey, why not marry these two patterns together?"

Well I did and this is the outcome.

I'm not crazy about the two buttons for the closure. To me, they look like a couple of Owls eyes.
My initial intention was to have a big aqua bow.
I asked my husband at 10 p.m. last night his opinion and he felt the buttons looked better than a bow might look.  In hindsight, he probably said the first thing that jumped into his head so he could get back to his movie!!

The other thing I'm not happy about is the quality of the fabric. It was 'craft end' that I had intended to use for dolly items or making dress-ups.  The fabric was distorted and horrible to iron. However this was merely a fun project ... an experiment .... that gave me something to do because I didn't want to watch the movie my husband was viewing!

Another "Flip This Pattern" entry for my favourite Alabama sisters.

Edited later to add the aqua bow......I think this looks much better ....and I shall not ask my husband again for his sartorial opinion!!


  1. I did not notice the owl eyes until you mentioned it and now it is all I can see....not sure what I would do different. Maybe it is a good thing it is not your better fabric...

  2. Your married version is cute and unique. :)

  3. I think it's just adorable Deb! I love the button placket and those sleeves.

  4. Honored to be a 'Favorite Alabama Sister' of yours!! Time and time again your posts leave me laughing and shaking my head.... I was going to tell you that I was disappointed your first "FLIP" wasn't titled, "Part 1 of 4". Glad to see you come through with a 2nd one. It's just gorgeous!!

  5. I love the combo of these 2 patterns! Looks great! So, what movie was your husband watching that you didn't want to watch?;)

  6. That collar is great! I think it's a really smart choice. I'd love to try it out soon :)

  7. I love the combo! And I love the unique color combination :-)