Sunday, January 5, 2014

Collection completed again!

I've made at least one view of ALL the Oliver + S patterns, including the free children's wear downloads.

The Library dress is the last one I needed to make to reach my self imposed milestone.

Using leftover wool that I used for the Art Museum Vest and Trousers pattern I made size 5 of View B from the pattern.

For the collar, I put a layer of organza over satin as I wanted a somewhat dressy look.  The dress has a Japanese vibe because of the obi belt style waist so grey wool and a shiny collar seemed a bit of an odd choice, but I like the outcome.

I've been struggling with buttonholes for years, no, decades.  I used to blame the machines yet deep down I know it's the operator.

This dress calls for 6 buttons down the back so fear and terror set in while setting up the machine for buttonholes.

In a recent conversation with Emily from FrancesSuzanne, she reminded me about Fray Check.  Nicole always does her buttonholes twice.  
Thinking about stitch density I set the machine length to 0.2 and with to 4.5. 
Then I used a buttonhole chisel instead of ripping (which may fray the fabric) or cutting (which might cut the stitches).  Lastly, I dabbed the neat opening with Fray Check.

Guess what?

Perfect buttonholes!!!

I really enjoyed making the Library dress.  The instructions were clear and straightforward. Because organza over satin isn't exactly pliable, the cuffs didn't turn out as well as they should have.

Next time around I would like to try out some mods on this pattern.  I really like the pleats on the skirt portion, as well as the sleeve cuffs. So I'm wondering what the bodice might be like just plain with a small Peter Pan collar?
On the other hand, the obi belt-style waistband and cross-over bodice is the main attraction for this dress, so perhaps simply experimenting with other fabrics would be a better idea.

Overall, I do love the Library Dress.

I can see this grey wool dress paired with white tights and red Mary Janes.

The local Blue Jay's might suggest also creating a peanut laden Fascinator.

Oh, and the white flecks is snow falling.  30cm expected over the next couple of days to add to the already 190+cm that's fallen so far.  Perfect weather to stay indoors and sew!


  1. I adore this dress! I would have not though of using wool. ( I just love gray wool!!) and big congrats on sewing every O+S pattern. I hope to be there one day myself. : )

    we are covered in the same here, we have a white right now. So beautiful but like you said perfect sewing weather.

  2. Awesome achievement! Well done you!

  3. Beautiful dress, Deb!! I'm loving that gray wool....

  4. Deb, this is beautiful - I think that your vision for this pattern was perfect. And as for those buttonholes - yay!

  5. Oh, this is lovely. And the buttonhole is lovely!

  6. Absolutely beautiful dress. Love the grey wool. I think I have something much louder set aside for this dress, but you're making me rethink it!
    Congratulations on the complete set sewing. I'm well behind but working my way through them all too.

  7. Deb, You rock! Huge round of applause for once again having all sewn up all the O+S patterns in your collection.:)

    The dress is gorgeous and those buttonholes are perfect!

  8. You sewed them ALL?! Wow, that is incredible. I hope to join you in that one day
    You have struck a chord with your buttonholes. My machine has me cursing everytime. I have so much trouble. I will try a couple of your tips though. Fraycheck and a buttonhole chisel are on my next shopping list. Thanks!