Thursday, January 9, 2014

School Photo Dress sew-along

There's a sew-along for the School Photo dress on the Oliver + S website, hosted by a sewing friend, Sharon. 

She did an excellent job describing all the steps with accompanying photos. Thanks Sharon!

It's been a while since I made the School Photo dress and because there's no time like the present, well, I made one during the sew-along.

The fabric a poly blend wool type micro check and the colour is egg yolk yellow and white.  Perfect for spring.

Size 5.  Lining is off white batiste.

The dress has a 60's Jackie Kennedy vibe to it, at least that's how I interpreted it the last 3 times I made this pattern.

First time around the dress looked like this:

For the second one I found some totally awesome thick polyester 60's fabric.

If I had found Go-Go boots for a toddler, I would have bought them to go with this dress.

The 3rd time around I used a complementary collar and cuffs. Totally a Jackie Kennedy look, I think.

For some unexplained reason, I need to put buttons down the front of the dress. As per usual there is piping: for this dress it's on the yoke and cuffs.

Initially, I was planning to make this dress in pale pink faux suede. Maybe it's called moleskin or microsuede. I'm not sure.
Anyway, we were in the midst of a week long blizzard and accompanying squalls and I couldn't get out to get a matching pink invisible zipper nor microtex needles.  Having a white zip and some spring like fabric handy, I went with this instead.

The weather has cleared but the roads not so much. Therefore, it's a perfect day to stay at home and get some outdoor photos of the fauna ... it's too early for the flora!


  1. I love your version of this dress! I too think of Jackie Kennedy when I see these dresses.
    I think I will pick up some cotton fabric like this for spring/summer dress just like this one.

    1. Thanks again Sharon for the sew-along. You did a steller job!

  2. So beautiful!
    Jackie O. indeed :)
    (love the fauna pictures - so delicate)

  3. You've done so many lovely versions of this dress! Can't get over all your snow... crazy :)

  4. Thanks, V. We can't get over the amount of snow either, it's beyond crazy!

  5. Fabulous dresses! I thought Jackie Kennedy when I first saw it on flickr :)

  6. Another gorgeous rendition of the School Photo dress! How in the world do you attract the birds when you're out there taking pictures?

  7. I love all your school photo looks!!!

  8. Oh, I love definitely has the Jackie feel to it. I love all versions, but sure love the one you wanted go-go boots for.

  9. Love, love your springy school photo dress! Were you not worried about that fauna doing his "business" while he was sitting there?!

  10. It's beautiful deb. I agree with the vintage vibe and love this pattern too.
    the birds are lovely.

  11. You are secretly Snow White aren't you? That's how you manage to get all these animals to appear for your photoshoots!
    Beautiful pictures and dress.