Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Fourth Christmas dress completed.

It's overcast and raining so I can't use outdoor light today to photograph the 4th Christmas dress installment.  This will have to do.

I used the 18 month size of Children's Corner 'Adelaide'.  Thankfully I was able to double check the construction of the placket in a box pleat using their helpful on-line video found here:

To make it Christmassy, I found this silvery star patterned fabric to use on the collar and sleeve cuff.

Found some star buttons and attached with Sulky silver thread.

The pattern called for a 3 1/4" hem.  I only used a 3" hem and I think it's too short.  Oh, well.  It can be fixed if need be.

I'd like to make a few more dresses.  Maybe some smocked ones.  But first I think I had better see if the dresses I've made thus far fit!  They are all either size 1 or 18mos.  All four have varying hem lengths, sleeve lengths and widths. 

I love this dress.  I love the pattern and how quickly it went together.  When I showed my husband the finished product he thought it looked rather 'Jackie O' looking.  And that comment has given me some ideas for the next time I use this pattern.


  1. Oh, this dress is so sweet! I'm going to have buy the pattern! Thanks so much for the inspiration! I bet it'll look precious on your granddaughter! You know, I've found that I've been lengthening the hem in Children's Corner patterns too.

    Thanks for sharing the wonderful story on my post! I LOVE it! I will always think of that when I read Johnny-Townmouse!

  2. Perfection, perfect fabric for the collar and top the outfit off with star buttons. I adore your work, you are gifted. I had to put my sewing away for awhile, talk about burn out. I know I will pick it up again later but for now I love looking at others works of art.

  3. Very sweet dress! Thanks for the closeups.