Saturday, December 18, 2010

Red Flannel Christmas Dress.

I have about 6 meters of red and black buffalo check flannel.  It's a staple wardrobe fabric around here where I live.  While I have some plans for all that flannel, I thought I'd take a meter and make Caitlin a red flannel dress.

Fabric to wear huntin' and fishin'.

So I ordered the Oliver + S Jump Rope pattern from Elegant Stitches, who have been providing me with excellent service by the way.  When my order arrived, they gave me a credit because of their Anniversary Sale.  Thanks!

Like all the Oliver + S patterns I've tried to date, it was straightforward, easy to follow (although I got a little bogged down with the placket at the neck edge) and I am pleased with the end result. 

Made View B using View A pocket. 18-24mo.

I found some pine buttons in my stash.  Unfortunately, I only had 2 of the small size buttons.  The larger ones are a little too big for the pocket, but hey, they'll do!

How difficult would it be to make my own wood buttons?

For Christmas dinner I'm going to ask all my children to wear their red and black flannel shirts.  Grandbaby already has her flannel dress.  And with some of the remaining flannel I'll make some napkins for the dinner table.

It's going to be a Red Flannel Christmas!

The dog is going to need something red flannel too.

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