Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Embossing Velvet.

Still playing with heart shaped purses, I thought I might emboss some scrap red velvet which might make for an interesting purse exterior.

I pulled out my rubber stamps and then tried to recall how to do it.  Do I wet the front side of the velvet or the back side and then press?

Simple rubber stamp from the 80's
I tried both.  Then it all came back to me.  Wet the back side of the velvet fabric, lay nap side down on the rubber stamp and with the iron set at the hottest. press down.

New iron. Woot!

However, there was another detail I was forgetting.

It worked!!

I had this nagging feeling that the velvet to be embossed had to be rayon or acetate or something other than cotton which was the type of velvet I was using.  But hey, it embossed.   I must have been mistaken.

Where did the 80's go?

Well, when I finished assembling the little purse, the embossing had disappeared into the nap.  I was right.  This method of embossing doesn't work well on cotton velvet.

Hide it with a big fake flower.

Gotta love fat q's
These little purses only take about 15 minutes to whip up.  I found some pink cotton fabric and made another one.  I've got a gold sparkle pen and maybe I'll write a message on it.  Be My Valentine.

Or maybe it should read Give Up Now!

 The little ones I made yesterday look like little vintage cards rather than purses. They'll have to do.

Well, I'm growing weary of heart shaped purses and besides,  I really don't have nice looking Valentines Day-ish looking fabric.

Therefore, it must be a sign that I need to move on.   A bunch of patterns that I ordered from Oliver + S patterns arrived in the mail yesterday and I'm keen to try them out.

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