Monday, February 28, 2011

Spring Dresses

I've been  busy this past week.

First up is Oliver + S pattern called Puppet Show Dress.  The fabric is called Auntie Grace Ties One On. I suppose it was meant for an apron, but I like it just fine made up in this little dress.  I really like the pattern and was lucky that I found it because it's out of print.

Size 2T

Second up is another pattern that's out of print.  This one is called Bubble Dress and again, I was lucky to find the toddler size pattern.  The next time I make this dress, I'm going to try and lengthen the bodice and dispense with the bubble part.

It needs a boutique bow on the front. Project for later today.

Third one up is called Jump Rope Dress, (view B). I lengthened the front placket by 1 inch making it easier to get in and out of.  I have a lot of this vintage themed fabric left over so maybe I'll make a matching hat or dolls clothes.

Ooops. It needs ironing!

This one is the tunic top from the Ice Cream Social dress pattern.  The fabric is vintage theme by Auntie Grace.  I'm not really crazy about this outcome.  But hey, I used up fabric!

Heart wasn't in this one.

Lastly, I just about used up all of this blue polka dot fabric.  I think I bought it way back when Princess Diana made polka dots popular with her fabulous outfits.  I also bought several meters of corresponding blue fabric and I plan to make a little blue jacket to go with this dress.  Oh, and blouse too, but the blouse will be white.

Tea Party Dress. 2T

On the front tab, I used a quilting stitch and added piping as I did on the Tea Party dresses I made a year ago.

Used rayon thread and quilt stitch.

So that's it for this week.  I have a few more projects in mind and plan to get started on them in a few days.   Pressure is on right now to get as much sewing done before warmer weather comes and gardening chores call.


  1. My, you've certainly been busy! The puppet show dress is adorable in that print. I was never much interested in sewing it before (I purchased the pattern for the shorts) but seeing yours and the other few that have popped up on flickr, I'm beginning to change my mind!

  2. Seeing the Puppet Show items O+S Flickr is what motivated me to get the pattern.

  3. I'm trying to keep up with you Julia!