Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Music Box Jumper

I have all of the Oliver + S patterns ever made with the exception of the Sleepover Pajamas.
But I haven't made outfits from all of the patterns yet.
That will be the next goal and hopefully use up more fabric stash.

First up is Music Box Jumper using the alternate view with a single pleat in the front.

It used just over a meter of corduroy fabric and took about and hour and a half to make. Talk about easy!
But it took me a whole day to get around to sewing the buttons on,  down the back.

Size 2.
Note to self: next time don't use a plaid fabric. It required too much thinking to line up the bodice with the skirt taking the center pleat into account.


  1. But the plaid is so pretty! And you did a phenomenal job lining it up.:)

  2. But it was absolutely worth it! The plaids look perfect!