Monday, February 13, 2012

Playdate Dress

Using Oliver + S Playdate dress, which is now sadly out of print, I made Size 3.

The fabric was a powder blue pique type of cotton which I'm fairly certain my mother bought some 30 or more years ago.  Finally, it's getting used.
I found some pink cotton that matched one of the flowers in the fabric for the bib, and again, it was cotton that must be in the neighbourhood of 30 years old.
Not sure about the buttons though. I think they were a more recent purchase.
For the bib section I used a white pique that I bought last year.

The other day I found these little shoes that match the pink cotton in the bib section perfectly. So like any good grandma, I bought them!

Note to self: When I make this dress again, put a ruffle around the bib section instead of flat piping.
In the front pleat, experiment with a contrast fabric.


  1. That's some serious stash busting, using fabric that's 30 years old! It's another winner...classic and pretty. btw, I love that you found matching shoes, you definitely get the Grandma of the Year award.:)

  2. One of my favorite patterns and what perfect little shoes!