Monday, February 6, 2012

Sewing mojo is back.

Slowly, I'm getting my sewing mojo back.  It's been gone for such a long time.

And for such a long time, I've been trying to get at this pattern designed by my friend Judith. It's new on the market and she gave me a copy to try it out.

 Just after my grandson was born, I cut out pants from a lightweight brown wool that had a light green fleck in the pattern, along with a fleece top in the same light green.  It looks rather grey in these photos, but it's a light minty green.

I didn't make the shirt in the pattern. Instead I took a Onesie and using steam-a-seam, cut a bow tie shape using the pants fabric and fused it in place.

Also using the pants fabric, made piping for the jacket.

The whole outfit went together really quickly. I especially like the way the pants turned out with the little faux fly front.

The pattern was easy to follow and Judith has included TONS of sewing tips, ideas, how-to's in the pattern. I made the whole outfit in just a few hours.

Trouble is,  I cut the fabric out awhile ago and used pattern size 11 lbs. My grandson has grown like a weed ... correction ... like a tank,  and he's now 20 lbs and climbing fast.  So this outfit won't fit.

But I got lots of ideas in the process.  

And I'm sure I got my sewing mojo back too!


  1. It's an adorable outfit! I really like it when little boys are dressed fancy like this.:) When P was little, we'd dress him in button down shirts, topped with sweater vests, and paired with dress slacks for church. He wouldn't be caught dead in an ensemble like that these days. I'm lucky if he wears real shoes!

  2. Thanks so much, Debbie, for posting your photos and comments. I would never have thought of using fleece for the jacket so I am thrilled to see how it turned out! How clever to do the bow tie on the Onesie. This is what I love about seeing how other people interpret a pattern. I'm just sorry your little grandson has grown too fast to model it for us. (How selfish of me!) Again than you for all your efforts! TTFN, JAM

  3. So glad you're back! I've missed seeing your beautiful dresses!