Monday, February 27, 2012

3 Smocked Dresses

Thank goodness daisy print fabric is back in style.

I made this smocked dress many years ago and just found it yesterday in one of the many smocked dress boxes in my sewing room.
The pattern is Daisy May by Wendy Schoen. Size 2.

The back calls for a little buckle or a button as opposed to a long tie.

When I made the dress, I wasn't too happy with the collar as it covered up the smocking. I truly thought I had made a mistake and used the wrong size collar.  But after hours of embroidery, I decided just to leave it as is.  Way back then, I didn't know if I was ever going to be a grandma so why fret!

When I saw this article in Fancywork Magazine about the Daisy May pattern, I quickly saw that the collar was indeed supposed to hang over the smocked section.
I felt redeemed.

And later I saw the same pattern made up without smocking in Creative Needle Magazine.

Moving on to another smocked dress; this one came back for an alteration.

Caitlin had worn it but the sleeve band was too tight. The pattern is from AS&E and when I originally made this dress, long before Caitlin was even a glint in her mom's eye, I wondered if the sleeve band was too small.
Well, it's repaired and it goes back to the owner.

Because the yellow print fabric was busy, I chose to use a light coloured embroidery floss and keep the smocking design simple.

I also found this red smocked dress in the same box as the Daisy May dress.  The pattern is from AS&E.  Knowing the sleeve band would be an issue, I took the sleeves out and re-made them using the sleeve pattern from Family Heirloom Dress (Oliver + S).  Since I didn't have any deep red fabric, I was unable to make piping for the sleeve cuff.

I think I had planned to make a denim jacket to go with the red smocked dress hence the blue embroidery flowers. Plus I have enough red fabric to line a little jacket.  But that's a project for another day!


  1. i like a smocked dress...
    i like make collar but i not really succes to make it...please tuto me...:)

  2. beautiful work!! Love your design element!!!

  3. All the dresses are darling! I adore smocked dresses but doing the actual, not so much. I have a blouse pleated and waiting to be smocked in my to-sew crate. It's been sitting there for a month!

  4. You have brought back memories. I used to love to sew for the girls and before that for my mom, sister and myself. Now it has become hard with my eye sight issue.