Thursday, March 29, 2012

Everything fits.

This biggest concern when I make outfits for Caitlin is, will it fit?  Despite having all her measurements most times it hit or miss.
I was down in the Big Smoke the other day and with dresses in hand tried them on.

Maggie Mae by Shwin & Shwin fit perfectly except it was a little long.  That was my fault as I added extra length to the dress as well as the contrasting hem to balance with the yoke contrast.
This is an easy fix.

When I was cutting out Oliver + S fabric Modern Workshop for the Oliver + S Apple Picking dress,  I silently thought it should have been used for pajamas.
Well, when I showed Caitlin the dress she said "jamama's!" Hmmm. Seems that a 2 year old thinks the same way.
At any rate the dress fit perfectly as all O+S patterns do.

Notes to self:  leave hem lengths on Maggie Mae as per the pattern.
On Apple Picking dress: cut the neck tie portion wider after the point where it attaches to the neck to make for a fuller neck tie.

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