Thursday, March 29, 2012

Blouse and shorts

Two Oliver + S patterns: Class Picnic Blouse and Puppet Show shorts.  Both size 3T.

Class Picnic blouse is minty green cotton with brown polka dots.
This pattern was easy to do. Because the back yoke is similar in size to the front yoke, next time I plan to stitch a piece of ribbon in the back yoke to mark the back. Although if the blouse is worn backwards it probably wouldn't be noticed.

Puppet Show shorts are made in brown linen, but not true linen.  More like a faux linen.
The pattern was quick and easy. Too easy.  So I'm going to make a lot more shorts using this pattern.
Next time I won't double double stitching on the pockets.  That was a mistake.

Note to self: stitch a piece of ribbon in the back yoke section of the Class Picnic blouse to denote back of blouse.
Pay attention to the pattern directions for the Puppet Show shorts pockets.


  1. This is the sweetest outfit! Kind of like chocolate chip mint ice cream.;) The puppet show shorts are a favorite of mine...I think this will the last summer that the pattern fits my little girls. The other 2 dresses you made are darling too!

  2. What a darling outfit! Love the short pockets.

  3. I love the outfit and the way you leave a note to yourself:)

  4. These are adorable. I have a question: does the top just slip over the head. I am assuming it does since you said you were going to mark it with a piece of ribbon or something....and why was double-stitching the pockets a mistake?

  5. Rose; the blouse slips over the head. There is 1/4" elastic at the shoulders so it'll stretch. On the pocket instruction after folding the raw edge in, it's supposed to be stitched in place. I stitched to hold the raw edge, then stitched again in place. No need for double stitching!

  6. oh, okay...I understand now...thanks for answering.