Monday, March 26, 2012

Apple Picking Dress

Oliver + S Apple Picking Dress size 3.

It went together quickly but I struggled with the neck tie.  Next time I need to make sure the piece has been cut and notched exactly.
Also, next time make the right side placket (under side one) wider.

Piping was added while putting the front placket in place.

Piping on the sleeve added while assembling the cuff piece.

Pretty fabric but maybe it's would have been more suited for a pajamas.

Note to self: neckband must be cut exactly and make right placket a little wider.


  1. Well done! I love the piping. You should post this to the Oliver + S Flicker group!

  2. So--duh, you're all over Flicker. Love browsing your blog, you're one talented lady with a very lucky granddaughter!