Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Perfect timing!

I was thinking of an interesting way to present a Valentines craft, "glueing" as Caitlin calls it, other than plunking a painted fruit basket full of crayons, stickers and glue sticks in front of her.

Then last night I read through my one of my 'go-to' blogs: Oliver + S and low and behold there was exactly what I was looking for, a free pattern for a Valentine ornament.

In the past I've made little heart-shaped necklace type purses. In the ancient past I think they were called reticules and they were meant to hold small personal items for a lady. Anyway, I had completely forgotten about them until the free pattern post jogged my memory. Perfect timing!

So I downloaded the pattern, dug through my stash and found some 'Ginger Blossom' by Sandi Henderson fabric, a little cream coloured cotton for lining, red ribbon, and quilt batting.

And voila - two little heart shaped necklace pouches to hold crayons and crafty bits. For Adam, who is too young to sit for any length of time to do 'glueing' I have filled his with snack time cookies.

I think it will be fun to wear one's craft tools or in Mr. A's case, wear ones food which he can do well enough without the aid of a little pouch.

To make the heart shape into a purse, cut 2 pieces of fashion fabric (outside fabric) 2 pieces of lining,  2 pieces of batting too if you want it pouffy and mark a notch though all pieces as pictured below on the template.

If using quilt batting, stitch in place on lining sections with a 1/8" s/a.

On one of the fashion fabric (outside fabric) pieces stitch at the notch section a length of ribbon or cording.

Then pin a fashion fabric piece to a lining piece (right sides together) and stitch from one notch to the other, using a 1/4" s/a.

Do the same with other heart shaped pieces.

Then pull out the bottoms and pin with right sides together the fashion fabric (outside) pieces and the lining pieces. Make sure the ribbon is tucked inside.

Stitch all around pivoting carefully past the notched sections and leave a good size opening in the lining to turn the heart right side out.


For Adams heart pouch I stitched the ribbon to the top of the heart 'bumps' and not at the notch so that the pouch will stay open and he can get his chubby little fingers easily inside.

Off I go babysitting with craft necklace pouches in hand!


  1. I imagine that the craft necklace pouches were well received!

  2. Popping over from Cindy's Ontario Bloggers post
    This is a wonderful idea I can see it being a hit with the children. B