Saturday, January 5, 2013

School Days Jacket

This is a test run for this O+S pattern. Waiting in the wings is some lovely pale pink melton with cozy white kasha lining.  In the meantime this remnant fabric of mixed fibers has worked out well for a practice piece.

Bought some cheap stuff at Fabricland agin, huh?

While this pattern is labelled as a '3 scissor' in terms of difficulty with 4 being the most difficult although there is no O+S pattern in that category ... yet ... overall it wasn't difficult at all. Just many steps which isn't surprising for a lined coat with a hood and pockets.

Perhaps the most difficult of all was lining up the plaid while cutting out the pattern pieces to make sure everything aligned.

Because the fabric wasn't very stiff I used some stabilizer in the front placket (wearers left side). In hindsight, I should have used 2 pieces of medium weight stabilizer fused together which would have helped the placket from curling.

I found that the length of cord without the button (wearer right side) needed to be cut 6" long and not 4 3/4" as per instructions. So the next time I make this jacket at Step 5 (Assemble the Front Jacket Panels) stop and make the other side so the toggle cord length can be adjusted before topstitching.

Get on with the diatribe lady. We're after your bird feeder.

For a test run jacket, I think it will look good paired with black wide-wale corduroy pants maybe Sandbox Pants and a white brushed cotton Sketchbook shirt.

Looks more like something Herb Tarlek would wear.

Size 3.

Notes to self:
select heavy fabric setting
change needle to 14
medium weight interfacing
try less stiff cord
piping around hood (fur?)
stop at step 5 and do other side


  1. The pink one sounds lovely! Something like Sweet pea would love, I can't wait to see it! I love this plaid one. It's a shame I am unble to find fabric like this local.

  2. I was rather surprised at how easy this pattern comes together too. Just a lot of steps and pattern pieces like you said! Looks great! Did you do the removable vest too?

  3. Great jacket! I love the deer in the photos and your commentary on them! Fun!