Monday, January 14, 2013

Stripes and Polka Dots

For the past two years I have admired all the entries on Project Run & Play.   The themes are challenging and the entries creative and inspiring.

I have found patterns that I wanted to try out from some entries and even bought the same fabric in a few cases.

My favourite theme so far has been the June Bug re-mix and from that my favourite entry was from Cindy.  This pattern is on my very long to-try-out list.

Ashley and Emily, the notorious sewing sisters at FrancesSuzanne,  encouraged me to at least play along with PR&P but looking at my long list of UFO's and the aforementioned to-try-out list, I thought it wouldn't be a good idea....until the other day.
I happened to be in a Fabricland store and saw on sale a big polka dot print for $2.00/m. Wow, $2!!
Knowing this weeks theme at PR&P was stripes and polka dots I weakened, bought the fabric and whipped out a little basic bodice style dress.

For the stripes I spotted this rather loud Seuss fabric, except it wasn't $2.00/m.

So I did it. Stripes and Polka Dots.

As I was constructing the dress, it quickly became apparent that the fabric wasn't worth $2.00. Probably not even worth 50 cents either. It was thin, distorted and I dare say it will survive one wash.  But hey it was fun to whip out.

On the back I sewed on bright red buttons.  I suspect the bow will get changed to something less loud; maybe a plain red sash or a red gingham bow.

(the dress doesn't fit the mannequin that's why it looks distorted.)

When I got to the hem, I didn't bother lining up the dots for the tuck.  As I said, I doubt this fabric will survive one wash.

Size 4.


  1. It is too bad that your fabric is not the deal you had hoped for. But the dress is super cute and I would never have thought of this color combination but that red striped bow looks great.

  2. It is very cute. I hope it lasts longer than one wash!

  3. That's kind of you! That dress is still a favorite around gets worn to church probably twice a month (one time by each little girl) year round.:)

    You can't go wrong with turquoise and red. This is a cute dress!

  4. So cute! I am glad you decided to play along! (I am, too.) I am sorry your fabric wasn't what you had hoped for.

  5. DEB!!! You did it, you really did it!!! We're so glad to see you on the PR&P linky party :). That dress looks like the perfect attire to wear in early March for Theodor Geisel's birthday!!

  6. Love the dress - really hope that it gets worn a few times before it disintegrates!

  7. Oh dang it!!! That fabric is so cute and such a bargain..too bad it isn't so awesome. It looks adorabel in the pictures though. I love it.

  8. I hope it lasts more than one is just too cute for words!