Saturday, January 26, 2013

Shirt and Pants

For my entry to Project Run & Play sew-along on Flickr for this weeks theme 'Boys Week', I made the Oliver + S Sketchbook shirt and Sandbox pants.

Something went wrong with the collar, though.  There wasn't enough room for a buttonhole plus the fabric was too thick even if there was room. Fabric is a pique.  I'm not sure what I goofed up on but something is amiss.
I will make another shirt using thinner fabric and maybe discover where I went wrong with this shirt.

On the pants, I used flat felled seams throughout.  I used a twin needle for the top stitching which I managed to goof up on the corners of the pockets.
I had already goofed up on the shirt so why not continue with the pants!

The topstitching on the back pockets also went a little off kilter too. Hey, at least I'm consistent!
The pants fabric is a stretch twill and it didn't iron well in terms of holding a good crease. Maybe thats the problem....the fabric....not the seamstress.

Both shirt and pants are size 2.  The pants fit Adam perfectly and while I haven't tried on the shirt, I'm sure it will fit just fine.

When I was changing feet during this project, I notice that the coating on the bottom of my 1/4" foot was wearing off and it's only 4 years old.

At any rate, I found the time during this busy past week to sew a shirt and pants.  Our little cottage is presently full of guests so my planned entry for next weeks theme for PR&P 'Love is in the Air' may not get done.


  1. Strange that it's wearing off, especially on that side. Love the outfit...isn't it great how well all the different O+S patterns mix and match?! I'm getting ready to do my first attempt of the Sketchbook shirt this week. I'll pay extra attention when it comes time for the collar!;)

  2. I love the colours Deb.
    I found I had to tweedle with the collar a wee bit. I add it in two pieces and sometimes cut the neck a little deeper.

    The foot must get a lot of use!
    xx N

  3. No one will notice the mistakes unless you tell them...looks like you have been keeping the peddle to the meddle in the sewing room and are literally wearing out your foot...LOL