Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Easter Bonnet

Last month I made Caitlin an Easter Coat from a wonderful wool called Doctors Flannel. The coat fits Caitlin perfectly, however it needs a bonnet.

I've made the large scalloped brim bonnet from this pattern before, so I decided to make the view that has the little tulip on the side, minus the tulip.

I had just enough of the Doctors Flannel leftover for the outside of the bonnet. I made size large.

For the last two nights of the Olympics, I sat in front of the TV and stitched the same bunny and flowers on the bonnet that I put on the coat.

It's difficult to photograph a bonnet, so I stuck it on a fence post and it seemed to work well.
Then I dropped my camera in the snow and the lens got covered in ice.

So I moved indoors and the pepper mill became the bonnet stand. I wish the brim was larger like the scalloped one is.

Thankfully, my lens thawed so these photos came out clear. I stitched the back during the final men's hockey game.

And thankfully, Canada won. WOOT!

And thankfully all the Doctors Flannel (in this shade) in my stash is busted!


  1. I adore the little coat and bonnet! Perfect for Easter. Your granddaughter is precious!

  2. This outfit is just beautiful! I love the hand embroidery. Would you share where you got the design or did you draw it out yourself? I love the bonnet with the embroidery going all around. I am sure it got lots of admiring looks when your beautiful granddaughter wore it!

  3. Sadly, Karen, granddaughter never wore the bonnet or coat. It was so unseasonably hot here at Easter, a sundress might have been more appropriate!
    The bunny design was an iron-on transfer given to me from a friend and I believe she bought it on-line. The rest of the floral stitching I made up as I the mood struck!