Monday, March 22, 2010

Return from the drawing board

I went back to the drawing board for my Muskoka Tea Cozy, altered the pattern and came up with 3 different sizes.
What I did was slightly round the bottom edge, so when the cozy went on to the tea pot, it would flare out and not in.

These are the 3 sizes of tea pots I use, and probably the same size most people use.

Then I went back to my stash looking for fabric that typifies the area I call home. Home is in the woods, 'cottage county' as it's known.

This one fits the medium size tea pot that hold about 3 cups of tea.

This one fits the largest size that holds about 6 cups of tea.

I used a shirt for this one. The rest of the shirt got used for a jacket for the dog. This was leftover and fits the largest size tea pot.

But there was a little bit of the plaid flannel left over, so I made a cozy for the small tea pot that holds 1 cup.
Then I got carried away and made a little felt pendant for a small tea cozy.

Then I got an idea to put a little pocket on a tea cozy that would hold several tea bag sachets making the tea cozy a fun gift to give someone.

So now I'm going to churn out a whole bunch of these tea cozies, set up a stand at the local farmers market and sell them. I can feel a major dint in my stash about to occur!

The hardest part about these tea cozies was finding a small and straight piece of birch to act as a handle.

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