Wednesday, March 3, 2010

O+S Tea Party Dress

I'm loving patterns by this company & designer. The patterns I've done thus far are easy, instructions are clear and are size accurate.

When my children were little and I made them clothes, it was always hit and miss if an item would fit properly when finished, despite frequent fittings.
Too bad this pattern company wasn't around then!

I love the bell shape of this dress and the curve of the bodice.

I made it in a size 18-24 months. The only thing that was time consuming was making the piping. That's not news.

I serged all of the inside seams and the bell shape stayed in tact. The stitch length on the serger was set at 2.

Because the fabric pattern was busy, I didn't top stitch on the skirt part, just the bodice.

I love the hem facing. When I sewed for my children back in the dark ages, hem facings were unheard of. Well, at least I never heard of them.

Next time around with this pattern, I won't select a fabric that needs to be lined up. You'd think after making a zillion outfits over the years, it would have occurred to me that a fabric with obvious diagonals/design/checks/plaid needs to be lined up. Apparently, that whole rule eluded me until I started to cut it out and realized things were askew! The bell shape of the dress didn't help either, but I think is looks okay.

I have some beige linen in my stash that I would like to use the next time I make this dress. Maybe put some redwork stitching on the skirt part, red piping and red top stitching.

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