Tuesday, March 9, 2010

UFO Finished

There was an almost finished size 2 smocked dress project sitting in the UFO box. All it needed was a few more rows completed and then put the dress together.

It is made from a lovely Voile that I bought years and years ago.

I began this project pictured on the front cover of AS&E called Ming Blue back in 2003.
Therefore, the dress was cut out, pleated and partly smocked 7 years ago!
Well, since there's no time like the present, plus I'm trying to bust not only my stash but UFO's as well, I decided to finish the dress.

This project turned out to be a time consuming and frustrating task!

First of all, there wasn't enough fabric for the front button band. So I had to make a join which is obvious. But I'm hoping Caitlin will be too busy whirling and twirling, that no one will notice the seam.

Then I couldn't find either a pink, green or yellow fabric suitable to make piping. So I resorted to using yellow ric-rac which ended up being too heavy on the Voile and made it pucker on the front button band.

The smocking stitches weren't particularly good either. I must have been an awful rush when I smocked it originally.

But the worst part was I just couldn't find buttons that matched. While I probably have a trillion buttons in my stash, okay, maybe not a trillion but it sure seems that way, there weren't 6 matching buttons in pink, green or yellow. I went to a few fabric shops seeking out buttons to no avail.

Then I came across this self covered button kit buried deep in a box of snaps, hooks and eyes.

And originally, they were only 39¢. What a bargain.

Well, I got the dress finished. Although I wasted a lot of time trying to get it done.

The tally now is 1 UFO finished. 1 card of yellow ric-rac busted. 1 card of self-covering buttons busted. This doesn't seem like much at all!


  1. Very pretty. Your smocking is lovely.

  2. I think you're too hard on yourself, cause it sure looks fine from here! I'll bet Caitlin and her mommy will like it.