Monday, February 15, 2010

Baby's Breath

Here's the latest issue of A Needle Pulling Thread. It's hot off the press. It's a wonderful magazine that features all kinds of needlework. It's Canadian. It's available worldwide.

My friend Judith Marquis is a designer of smocked clothing patterns for adults and children. Her baby nightie, called Baby's Breath is featured in the latest issue on page 52.
And guess who the baby is that's modeling it?
Yup. My grandbaby. Supermodel!!

Here's what the pattern looks like. Judith gave me a copy and I made it up in no time. It's easy and she took the time to explain every step in detail. So no matter how new anyone is to smocking or sewing, they would be able to make this pattern frustration free!

Here is a closeup detail of the smocking.

If anyone wants to give me the World's Worst Photography Award, please note that I have acceptance speech already written.

This post has nothing to do with busting my stash at the present, although I did use up some lovely soft flannel when I made this nightie last year. So, I guess it could be considered as a pre-entry.

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