Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Pink Smocked dress

This dress was in my UFO box. It's been there for a number of years. And during that time I have forgotten what size it is and what pattern I used. Maybe I just saw it in Creative Needle, or Sew Beautiful or AS&E. Whatever.
The centre looks like it's slightly askew, but it's really the photographer (me) that took the photo askew.

Here it is a little closer.
It seems like it might be a size 3 or 4. It could be even larger than that. Bishop style is always deceiving.

Close up of the little french knot flowers on the front.

Perhaps one day a little girl who wears a size 3 or 4 will come to visit and her mom can try it on her to figure out the true size. When that happens, I'm going to note the size to this post. If I figure out what pattern was used, I'll come back to this post and note that information as well.


  1. How pretty!!!!!! I love little girls in bishops.

  2. That's lovely!
    Is the fabric a sateen?

  3. I know this was a fair while ago, but this is absolutely stunningly beautiful