Saturday, February 6, 2010

Vintage Simplicty 4625

Just love the price on this pattern. 35¢. Is anything 35¢ these days?

The pattern was indeed easy, but the instructions assume the seamstress has sewing experience. Perhaps experience gained in Home-Ec class which isn't a standard class nowadays as it was in my highschool years.

What this dress needs is a crinoline. Gosh, I haven't thought of a crinoline in decades. Maybe I'll make one just for this dress. The one I had was lined in a soft satiny fabric, then a layer of tulle to make it stand out and then an overskirt in a Bemberg type lining. It was always fun to twirl in a flowing dress when wearing a crinoline.

The back has a huge sash. The wind is blowing the dress and it truly looks like it's twirling.

Fabric is 30's repro. Click on image to get a better view of the fabric. Ric rac is new, not vintage.

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