Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Sleep sac

I have departed from my quest to use up existing fabric. Daughter needed a sleep sac for grandbaby in polar fleece. So I bought a meter of fleece $5.00, a long zipper $2.80 and then the gas to drive 1/2 hour to the nearest town that has a fabric store.

I already had McCalls 4236 and have made sleep sac in a smaller size. It's a drop dead easy pattern, just a front and a back. I cheated and used zipper tape to hold the zipper in place while I basted and stitched it in place. Actually, the instructions call for tape, so I guess it's not really cheating at all.
There are no facings for this pattern, just roll the edge and stitch down.

I made view B in size medium using pale lime green polar fleece.

I also dug out my embroidery machine and stitched the little toadstool on the front. The colour of the rayon thread didn't come out well in this photo. The base is brown, outline in orange and inside dots in bright yellow on a pale lime green backgound.

The whole project took about 2 1/2 hours to make.

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