Wednesday, February 24, 2010

O + S Birthday Party Dress

This fabric reminds me of the 60's.
As a matter of fact, I made a micro mini dress with huge bell sleeves back in the mid 60's from fabric that was very similar. I even had some white go-go boots to match. Groovey!

Well, I thought I was on a good roll with this pattern whipping it up in no time. Turns out, I forgot to put piping around the from tab. Better slow down.

So I put a big yo-yo on the front with a pink button and pony bead in the middle. Perhaps that will detract from forgetting the piping.

Looking at this dress in a photo, perhaps the fabric is too large and too busy for this little 18-24 month size dress.

I'm getting paranoid after reading these rules about fabric selection Oliver + S website.


  1. Oh, I think it's great! Love the button, and I think the fabric is a wonderful choice. (And remember, those fabric selection posts are the guidelines I use--you don't HAVE to follow them, although I think you did in this case...)

  2. Phew! Thanks for the thumbs up on fabric choice. Guess I'm just getting overly worried on print size. It's the age old problem of second guessing one's self.