Sunday, February 14, 2010

Muskoka Tea Cozy

The first thing I do in the morning after letting the dog out and putting seed in the feeder for the birds and squirrels, is make myself a cup of tea.
Often, it's so chilly inside our cottage that by the time I've finished my first cuppa, the remaining tea in the pot has gone cold.

For ages, I've been meaning to make a cozy and since there is no time like the present, plus I'm on a quest to use up my stash, today I made what I call a Muskoka Tea Cozy.

The tea pot I use holds about 2 cups of tea. It's smaller than a traditional Brown Betty, but larger than the small Brown Betty's that holds 1 cup.

I dug out a 1/2 meter of this woodsy looking fabric. Found some green bias binding and turned it into cording. For insulation I used some quilt batting and found some beige broadcloth for the lining.

I made the original shape on a piece of brown paper that I have an enormous roll of. Then traced that shape on a product that I think is called 'pattern trace'. It has little red dots on it.

Since I had some the woodsy fabric, bias binding, cord, lining and batting left over, I decided to make a larger one for my larger tea pot.

This pot holds a lot more and I only use it when I have guests.

It fits the same way as the other ta cozy. I think I will spend some time and perfect this pattern.

But the good news is I used up all of the fabric, some quilt batting, some broadcloth, all the cording and the bias binding. Oh, and some black thread.

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