Saturday, February 12, 2011

Basic white blouse.

I happened to see a TV show that was showing how to build a wardrobe. The woman suggested everyone should have a white blouse.  Then add a basic skirt, skinny pants (black) and a trench coat. Well, that sounded fairly straightforward but I checked out this my fashionista daughter, Twin A, who concurred.

(When she was a teen and I arrived at the breakfast table wearing something she deemed out-of-style she would say to me "Mom, the 80's called and they want their clothes back.")

I rely on her for all the latest trends.  I hoping she'll tell me shoulder pads are back in style because I still have a load of them.

But I digress.

Armed with the 'white blouse' information I went to work to make Caitlin a perfect little white blouse  to be her wardrobe basic essential. 

Size 2T. White poly-cotton.

Then I  made a basic skirt.  I broke from my stash challenge rule and bought some beige twill.

Cute little pleats.

Together, the two essentials look good.  I have some plans to make a jumper that will also go with the blouse; a jacket that will go with both blouse and skirt.  If I could knit, I'd make a little cardigan.

I'm a non-knitting granny.

The pattern I used was Oliver + S,  Music Class blouse and skirt.  Once again, the pattern was drop dead easy.  However the blouse was a bit fiddly (no pun intended) as it needed many tucks.  But they weren't difficult to do by any means.

I am really happy with the results.  It looks clean and crisp. 

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