Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Fashion show.

I was able to have a 1 hour audience yesterday to try on the little outfits I made for Caitlin.

Here's the first outfit. It's the 2+2 blouse.  Caitlin liked the colour "lellow" but her mom didn't like the style of the blouse.

She didn't want to take off her long sleeve Onsie.

The skirt fit well which surprised me because I guessed at the waist measurement. I hid little plastic animals in the pockets, so Caitlin really liked the skirt and her mom did too.

Skirt pockets were a hit.

They both really liked the School Photo dress.  It fit well, maybe a little long though.

Toy coming out of the pocket.

It's not a twirling dress but certainly a Go-Go dress!

Show me love!

Here another version of the School Photo dress which I didn't care for after I made it.  But on Caitlin, it looked much better. 

Bending makes it easier to find a toy in a pocket.

The little toy animals were a hit........

A bear! Just like at Grandma's house in the woods.

 .... as were the pockets.

The Jump Rope dress was another matter.  It was really difficult to get this dress on Caitlin.  Almost impossible.  I've made this dress before using another view (without the gathered skirt and belt) and it was easier to get on.  If I make this dress again, I would lengthen the front opening by a good inch or more.

My daughter picked out and paid for this fabric. I'm not so sure she liked the pattern I chose to make it up with though.

What's in this pocket?

I'd shorten the hem too if I made it again.  But I wouldn't omit the pockets!

Wait. There's something in here!

According to my daughter, not too many moms dress their children up in nice outfits where she lives.  At the library, gym or other mom/tot groups mostly the children wear track pants and knit tops.

 So I'm not sure if that was a cue for me to stop making any more outfits.

Oh well, I have a couple of summer dresses cut out and ready to go, so I'll finish those. As for the rest of the fabric that I'm trying to use up (and there's an awful lot of it) I'll have to dream up other projects.


  1. All of them are so adorable! Beautiful work! I especially love that School Photo one; just so sweet. Great idea using the toys. If you had some velour in your stash, you could make hoodies or jackets with pants. That's what my 2 year old lives in and it's just as comfy and easy to care for and dress, as sweats..just a thought to maybe help use up your stash.

  2. I suppose you are right Karen. Knit items are more practical.

  3. I love your clothes,and bugger the ironing! You lovely outfits would be a pleasure to press!
    I think you are a very groovy Nan!

  4. I stumbled upon your blog and as a young mom (31) I want you to know that TONS of girls my age would die to have these clothes for their girls!!! If your daughter doesn't appreciate them now, I'm sure she will in the future!

  5. Thanks RaeAnna & Nicole for your kind comments.