Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Bright spring dress.

Despite setting my camera on "beach/snow' there is still a lot of glare from the snow on the ground.  While this dress is bright orange it's not as glaring as this photo suggests.  Oh well.

I was able to whip this one up in just a few hours.  The piping took the most time.

I omitted the collar as shown in the pattern.  I wasn't sure what colour the collar should be, so I just left it off.
I made Size 1. 

Here's my messy sewing room. It's been a slow process using up my stash, however, I've stumbled on another way to 'bust my stash'.

On the weekend, my son came to visit bringing three friends with him.  One of the friends, a girl, after seeing my sewing space commented on how she was planning to make a baby quilt using black and white toile. So I reached into a box a pulled out about a 1/2 meter of b&w toile as well as some accent fabric.  I was able to give her more than enough to make a baby quilt.

Then she commented on how she doesn't have a sewing machine.  So I gave her one. Plus a rotary cutter, a large quilters plastic ruler and a bunch of quilting books. I'm happy those items went to a good home!

On a sewing blog that I follow, a woman has the same type of doors (and shelves) as I do.  I'm only posting the door so she can see the similarity.  These aren't exactly your run of the mill doors, hence the uniqueness of the similarity.


  1. How generous of you to give the girl all that fabric and a SEWING MACHINE! I bet she is still smiling!

  2. Wow,Deb they are so similar!
    My hubby made mine. I originally purchased old doors,but to use those throughout the house,every door had to made a different width-a HUGE budget blowout so I am using those for cupboards.
    Twins and matching doors,what else do we have in common .....
    Seriously kind of you to give that lass material AND a machine!

  3. Love the dress, and love seeing all the things you are doing. What a lucky little granddaughter you have (not to mention the lucky girl who walked away with such treasures!) BTW, I found a neat little pattern for using up scraps in a mobile. Check out http://www.ohdeedoh.com/ohdeedoh/how-to/how-to-make-a-bird-softie-052147

  4. Nicole: It amazes me how complete strangers can have similarities in their lives. Like the next lady who posted here -Phyllis- we met on the internet maybe 16 years ago through our passion for crazy quilting. Through comparisons, it turned out one of the paintings I have hanging in my home was made by her husband's uncle. How coincidental is that???

    Phyllis: In no time you'll be creating little treasures for your grandbaby .... or maybe you've begun already? Maybe the mobile?

    Julia: You are the champion grandmother churning out many, many masterpieces for your grandchildren!