Monday, February 14, 2011

Tops that need ironing.

These tops aren't going to go over well with my daughter because they need ironing.  In many respects, they're just muslins until I can get better fabric.
I used 100% cotton from the line Auntie Grace's 40's fabric.

The pattern is Oliver + S.  It's size 2 of the 2+2 blouse.  The skirt is from their pattern called Music Class skirt.

Here's the first one I made which I managed to make a zillion mistakes on.  Since I couldn't find cotton in green or yellow to match the little Scotties I opted for beige.   Boring.  This fabric is from the same Auntie Grace 40's line.

I'm hoping they'll look better on, than hanging limp on a hanger.

I had a lot of problems topstitching these blouses. For some reason, topstitching thread wouldn't work in my machine.  It kept ending up in the bobbin area and clogging up the works.  Perhaps my machine needs to a trip to the Husqvarna service man.

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  1. I LOVE them,and if I didn't iron I would never get to watch TV!